Tuesday 29 March 2011

Google XML Image Sitemap – Hit & Miss

When and most likely if you get around to submitting a sitemap-image.xml for your website, you’ll probably see lots of different versions of how to…

The image sitemap is pretty similar to the standard sitemap.xml that is: in its protocol as well as its mistakes. You see so many website owners think that simply running their site’s URL through a sitemap creating tool and submitting it will do the job, this is far from the truth, both sitemaps need optimising – but I’m not here to talk about standard sitemaps.

Above is the standard coding required for an image sitemap, that’s all pretty straight forward, all you need to do is insert this at the top of your notepad or whichever web editing document you prefer. Now we’ve got to insert the URL of the page:

Friday 25 March 2011

Keywords - What are They?

What is Keyword Research
Keyword research is the process you use to find the keywords and key-phrases that are relevant to your website and will enable it to rank well in the search engines. Meaning, these keywords or key-phrases are the ones that your potential customers will use to type into the search engines to find products and services that you supply.

Why is Keyword Research so Important

Irrelevant to whether you’re a large company with a huge website or a small company with a niche website, without targeting the correct keywords and key-phrases you won’t get any visitors, or at least you won’t get many! This isn’t only relevant to natural ‘organic’ search; it’s also relevant to paid ‘PPC’ marketing. So if you’re not using carefully crafted keywords and key-phrases in you’re: Titles, Meta attributes headings and body – you’re likely to be short of visitors from the search engines.

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