Thursday 30 June 2011

Webmaster Tools +1 Metrics

A nice new addition to Google's Webmaster Tools this morning is Google's +1 Metrics. These include a breakdown of:
  • Search Impact
  • Activity
  • Audience
I believe for most website owners these pages will stay empty for quite some time. That isn't saying that the +1 won't be used, just that for a lot of smaller websites it won't be used.

It will be interesting to see the integration of +1 into the web stats, especially seeing that Google is now going to integrate the +1 into AdWords PPC ads, you can read more on that here Google +1 for PPC.

I do have a slight gripe though, and that is Google have gone to all this trouble to add these new pages to Webmaster Tools, but still haven't done anything regarding the 'benchmark' reports, which I know a lot of SEOs sorely miss.