Wednesday 8 September 2010

I Can't Create Similar AdWords Reports

I signed into AdWords to use the create similar reports for my clients PPC campaigns, now these usually take a couple of minutes to generate - not last week, thanks to more tinkering from Google.

I'm not against change, and I know that anything on the web will be continually updated, but hey, Google have my email and they're happy enough to send me other useful AdWords stuff, so why couldn't they have forewarned me of this change?

Instead, my campaign and account level reports took-up unnecessary time as I trawled the web and read nonsensical forums, before I was totally clear on where to create similar reports. Only they won't be similar, because now, every month, it seems I'm going to have to reproduce them from scratch.

Yes the AdWords link to this page:

Where Can I Find My Reports

Does help, but it's the inconvenience of changing something that worked really well, for something you've got to dig through AdWords for each month to generate.

But on a better note for Google - have you seen the new Bing Webmaster Tools.

It's not that Google can do no wrong, it's the stupidity of their competition that let's them do almost what they want, which is awful for us users because they can make annoying changes to AdWords reports and the like and we basically have to tow -the-line because there is no better alternative.

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