Thursday 2 April 2009

Live Search - Up & Down Like a Bride's Nightie

This just has to be said: Live Search is rubbish. For over a year now I’ve been saying this to myself and I think it’s about time I got it off my chest.

The reason I use such blunt language, is that over this past year I have been monitoring my clients sites in the search engines, and in Google and Yahoo the rankings are consistent, meaning for a particular keyword/ phrase the rankings don’t sway from number 1 spot one week to not even listed the next week.

So why is that this is exactly what is occurring in Live Search, I literally rank in number 1 spot one week for a specific keyword/ phrase, and the following week I can’t even find the site for the same keyword/ phrase in the top 10 pages.

I have a Windows Live account for all the sites I manage, and in the Webmaster Center each site is acknowledged as having X amount of pages listed in Live Search and that there are no problems with the sites.

I think I could accept it if I wasn’t listed at all, because then I would carry out some investigating into why this is occurring, but to have such massive sways with the rankings, well, is it any wonder that when I actually want to find something myself, I don’t tend to use Live Search.

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