Thursday 9 April 2009

BD Recruitment - Great Service

Even during this employment downturn BD Recruitment manage to find jobs for candidates eager to get back to work.

I like to keep an eye on employment opportunities within the internet industry, be it jobs for developers, designers or marketeers. It lets me know as a freelancer how the market is shaping up, should I turn down that awkward job or should I just get on with it because there's nothing around the corner.

This is where recruitment agencies like BD Recruitment come into their own, over the last few months they have been posting a continuous stream of jobs on their website, a real plethora of jobs to be true, and this is every day, not once a week or month.

So when some agencies are falling by the wayside, why are BD Recruitment succeeding, basically because they know what they're doing and they do that very well, anyone who's been in contact with the team will vouch for this. One of their specialities is to assess your CV, you probably believe you're employment options are quite narrow, after a CV appraisal you'll probably be surprised how they've broadened.

Agencies aren't just there to find you a job when you've lost you're last one, or when you want a new one, they're also there to inform you of better prospects on offer, or new prospects which could be occurring in the future, because since their last discussion with you they haven't simply ticked you off their list because they found you a position, no they'll keep their eye out for you and if you're still posting your CV, well it's a pretty good sign you're not happy where you are.

Recruitment agencies are so important now; how, fifteen years ago would you have known about a job in Leeds if you lived in Sheffield?

So with companies like BD Recruitment looking out for your job prospects, you're in safe hands, particularly if your prospects are in the internet or new media industries.