Monday 20 April 2009

MSN & Yahoo! Search Musters 3.23% between Them

When it comes to keyword reports for SERPs (search engine result pages), I don’t like carrying out unnecessary work.

There was a time when my clients keyword reports for SERPs included, but their figures fell by the wayside and became so insignificant that I decided to drop them and concentrate on the remaining big three players: Google, Yahoo! & MSN.

For a while it seemed this was to be the status quo; but alas for quite some time now the MSN & Yahoo figures have also dropped into insignificance and are starting to waste my time.

You see I carry out manual keyword SERP reports, this is because; firstly I really don’t trust the automated reports, their results always seem so far off my manual reports, that I just can’t them. Secondly I like to analyse my clients competitors during the report process, be it monthly or weekly, a close-up inspection of why another site has jumped above mine, or I’ve leap-frogged a competitor, helps me understand my clients site’s strengths and weaknesses.

But this isn’t just analysis, there is also graft involved, time consuming graft, and to ensure my clients get the most for their money I am considering something I never thought I would consider and that is abandoning my reporting of the MSN and Yahoo keyword SERP reports.

I’ve already noted in a previous post: Live Search – Up & Down Like Bride’s Nightie, how frustrated I am with Live/ MSN search. But what I’m discussing here isn’t only about that, it’s about the miniscule amount of visitors my clients sites are getting per week/ month from either MSN or Yahoo. Compared with the behemoth that is Google.

The frustrating thing is why? By all understanding Yahoo particularly, has a bit of muscle when it comes to search, otherwise MSN wouldn’t be so keen on trying to buy them. But this doesn’t come across when I delve into my analytic pack; all I get is a measly return on my investment. It’s also not as if all the sites I work on are of the same ilk, or for that matter it’s my workings, because all of them are giving out tiny MSN and Yahoo results long before I came on the scene.

I wonder how many other website managers are left with this dilemma. Because on the face of it, it seems an easy option, drop them both, but what happens if there’s resurgence and I’ve missed all the statistics in between? Damned if I do damned…

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