Thursday 29 August 2013

Google's Reconsideration Request - Webmaster Tools

This was a pleasant surprise, I submitted a reconsideration request for one of my clients with Google Webmaster Tools and received a short list of suspect links that Google still believe are outside of their quality guidelines.

I have to say post Google Panda has weeded out a lot of so called SEO practitioners who were really only link-builders; hey ho.

So back to the reconsideration request, yes a disavow was also submitted at the same time and boy I thought I'd covered every base, but obviously not - they'd found links that Majestic SEO hadn't picked up or Google Webmaster Tools hadn't picked up - new link tool required... how many do I need?

Here's the full message from Google:

We received a reconsideration request  from a site owner for
We've reviewed the links to your site and we still believe that some of them are outside our quality guidelines .
Sample URLs:

This information was invaluable because it allowed me to firstly find the suspect articles (providing their invaluable links;-(), then to discover that there wasn't only one account generating these articles but numerous, and naturally the same article was spread across many accounts; on one day alone the same article was spun to umpteen different site's all under different pseudonyms.

So thanks Google, without this information I wouldn't have been able to track or pinpoint another swathe of culprits, but... why don't Google just disavow these links themselves - well they actually do and that's why so many sites went into free-fall, it would save a lot of speculation and presumed hypothesis amongst the optimisation community.

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