Friday 28 June 2013

Twitter Feed Broken - Retirement of API v1.0.

Has your Twitter feed stopped working or putting it another way has it just vanished?

Mine did, but as you can see over there on the left of the Blog it’s up and running again.

The reason the Twitter feed stopped working is because Twitter retired the Twitter API v1.0. For a bespoke website like Website Consultancy and Blogspot Blog (like this one) it’s really easy to fix because you can firstly visit here:

To read all about why Twitter have updated the feed, then visit this link:

Which gives you all the details you need on how to customize the feed – because we don’t all want a light or dark feed, we also all have different sized spaces on our Blogs or websites where we want the feed to live; so after a little reading I soon had my 320 X 200 transparent feed up and running.

But what to do if you’ve a Wordpress website or Blog, I’ve looked at this plugin:

Which looks like it works – but really I’d like some feedback on this.


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