Wednesday 4 January 2012

PriceGong & Google Chrome

PriceGong in Google Chrome is this fair?

You've selected a website to purchase a product, in this case a DVD, then at the bottom right of your screen a pop-up appears offering the same product, probably cheaper, from Amazon, The Hut, Computer-Active Direct, Spend It, &c - this is PriceGong, an add on from Google Chrome:

pricegong and google chrome

Is this fair? How much do Amazon, The Hut, Computer-Active Direct, Spend It, &c pay Google for this PriceGong ? Isn't this slightly unethical?

This is definitely an extra dimension for usability experts.

But at present I think this encroachment is a little too far, yes everyone wants a bargain, and these sites definitely offer this, but aren't the goal posts being stretched a little too far for small businesses who are trying desperately to compete with these behemoths of websites.

Maybe Google should start to allow websites to play fair, but with this new PriceGong pop-up it looks like it just isn't going to happen.

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