Friday 23 December 2011

Contact Us – Website ‘Call to Action’

When you visit an ecommerce website the 'call to action' that guides you to make your purchase is pretty simple, it's usually a lovely big button that says 'BUY':

buy now button
So why, when you visit an information based website, or for example, an accommodation website this 'call to action' button is missing?

I suppose the thought here is that you have already looked around the website and viewed the 'contact us' page or 'booking page', but what if as a potential customer you haven't,  you soon find yourself at the bottom of a page which is a dead end, not even a link to point you to something else useful!

How difficult would it be to have either a big sign-post saying 'contact us':

contact us button

Or a clearly defined button saying 'book now':

book now button

So as a conclusion I would say don't leave these potential customers in limbo, take their hand and help them carry out the task they wanted to perform, I mean they are on your website, and that was tough getting them there in the first place.

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