Friday 5 March 2010

Google Personal Search

Don't get me wrong I like Google.

I like Google a lot more than I like Bing and the now defunct Yahoo!

But personal search, well it seems to be going a little too far...

I carry out searches every day for different clients, I need to, to check how their selected bench-marked keywords are performing in SERPs. But every time I do this now I need to remember to 'disable customizations based on search history' - why should I have to.

Why can't I opt out.

It isn't just the forgetting to disable - I can't it's implanted.

It's when I carry out a search of my own before dinner and visit a few sites, go and eat, then carry out the same search query again after dinner, hey presto everything I visited before dinner is now at the top of the page. This is frustrating, because now I don't which site was genuinely the best - or should I say performed best in Google's SERP.

Maybe some users like this, well if that's the case let there be a big on/off button.

It seems to me that the web is dumming down, aiming for the lowest common denominator. Our web pages are becoming more cluttered with advertising, you need to scroll down half a yard with most blogs now to get to content - you can't see the wood for the trees.

Is this really what we imagined a few years ago, that the web would become just one great big battle for which api, web service, website &c will get the most advertising revenue.

It seems so, and its really putting me off.

Like I said I like Google, but localising & personalising my search, well I might just have to start looking elsewhere.

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