Monday 9 February 2009

Markets Thriving Despite Fresh Helping Of Bad News

Analysis of nearly 20 million job applications has revealed that some sectors are holding up well despite last week's announcement that Britain is in recession.

Broadbean technology's data shows that while several industries are inundated with applicants, some are in fact desperate to attract new talent this year.

Despite media reports that candidates are flocking from the private to public sector in order to shield themselves from unemployment, Broadbean's data shows that applications for Social Care, for example, are even lower (just under four applications per advert) than they were last year.
Applications for teaching and education roles have dropped 13% over the last year in spite of the 'Turn your Talent to Teaching' campaign that advertises a '41k (inner London)' salary.

Trends for the insurance and legal industries are incredibly optimistic showing a healthy level of applicants with little change from last year.

Pharmaceuticals, travel and jobs in the Arts all appear to be stable too.

It has been suggested that unemployment will soon reach 2 million in the UK and job application trends in some industries, such as Building and Construction and Customer Service, would reflect this worrying prediction.

However, the good news is that for every industry sector that is flooded with candidates, there is one that is stable and markets that traditionally get a low response to adverts are cleaning up in these hard times.

The Army for example, will be pleased to see that defence applications have increased by 280 % since early 2008, supporting reports that MOD Recruitment will be one winner during this time of turmoil.

Stuart Passmore, Financial Director at Broadbean comments,
"Our data provides an indicator of movement within markets as we carry jobs for thousands of employers both in the UK and abroad. Our stats show there are still opportunities out there depending on where you want to work."

"Of course, there are clear indications that competition is stiff for some roles. Recruiters in some sectors are receiving up to four times more CVs than they did this time last year, but that's not necessarily a terrible thing. More applications mean more choice and ultimately, better placements, provided recruiters have technology in place to deal with the influx."

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Chris Crawford is MD of BD Recruitment, a specialist recruiter for the internet jobs sector, with a flurry of graphic design jobs and IT recruitment.

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