Monday 15 June 2009

False Entrepreneurs Bring Us Down

Websites are what I look after, not the economy, so what gives me the right to voice my opinion out of my area of expertise?

From keeping my eyes and ears open I've noticed that, people don't seem to be buying new houses; they're doing-up the ones they already have. People aren't glibly looking for the next best job; they're using recruitment agencies to get them a job now they're unemployed. Businesses don't have a website for prestige: they want the site to do what it was meant to do in the first place, generate an income.

Back to the first point, have you ever seen as much scaffolding festooning our streets, surely in the not so long past, this work would not have taken place, no one had time to notice the damaged roof, guttering or flaky paint job, they were too busy sorting out their new buy to let, or moving on to a bigger and of course more expensive property.

Now jobs, there seemed to be a time when everyone thought it was there right to flit between jobs, moving onwards and upwards. Recruitment agencies were often looked at with derision, not now, they have become a necessity, they seem to be pulling jobs out of thin air; but of course now we're finding there's not many qualified to do these jobs, how did we manage before?

Finally websites, for far too long the web optimiser, usability expert, and copywriter had been asked what it is they actually do. Admittedly the industry is in its infancy so heaven knows what it will bring us in the future, but in this infancy there's been a set of rules, be these rules a little confusing and arguable at times, to help websites climb to the top of the search engines: i.e. Google, Yahoo!, Ask, Bing &c, by optimising the coding, making a site easy to use and ensuring sites have useful and well written content.

It was here that all the problems arose; no one was going to pay to have someone carry out work they didn't understand on their website they'd ‘almost' forgotten about, were they?

This has all changed now, and we can understand why, it's not just small websites which are completely off the search engine radar, major company websites are in this dilemma too, and they want fixing and fixing today. Unfortunately as with every time there's a seeming abundance of work for the well trained, new marketers' pop-up to offer their services.

This brings me back to my earlier points and sums up the point of this article; everyone was an entrepreneur when it came to the property market, that next job wasn't really from the frying and into the fire, and of course I've read the books, got some tools, I'm now a fully fledged website guru.

There are specialists in all fields, it's just a pity everyone doesn't appreciate this until it's too late.

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