Wednesday 6 May 2009

BBC Executives Move to Manchester

I liked this article, particularly after reading the following quoted by Mark E Smith in the Observer on Sunday 3rd May 2009:

You can spot the BBC employees who move to Manchester. They walk in the corner shop, these children's TV presenters in stripey jumpers: "Oh, you're Mark E Smith, my brother had one of your records, I've just moved up here and it's wonderful!" They soon Learn.

BBC executives, who include controller of CBeebies, Michael Carrington, and the Head of the BBC TV Sport, Philip Bernie, have announced they are to move to Salford when the BBC relocates the five departments from London in 2011.

From the five selected departments which are set to move, half of the senior executives have decided to relocate. Those choosing not to make the move to Salford, Manchester, include the CBBC controller, Anne Gilchrist. Others who have announced their choice not to make the relocation to Manchester are Liz Cleaver, the BBC controller of learning, James Porter, the Head of Sports News, Gordon Turnbull, the Head of BBC Radio Sport and Marney Shears, the Head of Production. Dave Gordon, the Head of Major Sports Events, will also stay in London where he will be best placed to handle the 2012 Olympics.

The newly appointed Director of BBC North, Peter Salmon, said: "I am pleased by the response we have had and the calibre of the people who will be coming on the journey to BBC North. The acceptance rate is higher than had initially been planned and I am told by the relocation experts that 47% is a high percentage for a move of this size."

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