Tuesday 20 January 2009

Back-links & News Articles

An excellent source of back-links to a website is through articles written by the website owners, because, the website owners can give detailed, succinct & informative information, from their point of view, about their particular industry.

This is achieved by using links.

When an article is written it should be pertinent to your industry, therefore ensuring a strong connection between the article and your site. So firstly a well formulated article is to be written, the article must not only be spell checked, but proof read, nothing looks worse than grammatically incorrect articles posted on a site. Once the article is written you need to assess if there are keywords used in the article which could be used in links back to your site: i.e. 4mm blue widgets, these links need to be directed to their relevant page, not the homepage. By using keyword specific anchor tags in the link you are instantly improving the importance and relevance of the link.

It is pretty important to have a news category within your website which is JavaScript free, this ensures easy crawling by the search engine spiders, it also ensures no difficulties in book-marking the page, or linking to the page (some users don’t enable their JavaScript).

Ideally the title of the article you’ve written will act as a link back to the original page of the article on your site (this is how most Blogs operate), all the links are kept active, it is surprising how many news article sites strip the links out of your text, then to complete your articles optimisation add an author bio, it is usually acceptable to add two links back to your site within the bio.

Once your site builds up enough credibility as a genuine source of useful, informative and unprejudiced information, not only can you expect a little extra traffic, your submission in to Google News may at last be accepted.

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