Monday 15 December 2008

IT Recruiters Optimistic Despite Downturn

The findings from a recent poll conducted by the Recruitment and Employment Confederation were revealed at the recent IT & Communications Sector Group meeting, which was attended by leading recruitment figures from the sector.

It showed that IT Recruiters are still optimistic about the future despite the effect of the economic downturn on the UK Labour Market.

At the groups last meeting in June it showed that recruiters rated their confidence in the market conditions as 7 out of 10. The poll taken more recently showed their was a slight downturn in their confidence to 6 out of 10 but despite this it show recruiters are still optimistic about sectors economic outlook.

The number of workers in the IT sector showed an increase in Q2-Q3 period despite advertised job vacancies falling for the third consecutive quarter according to research conducted by the REC'S 'Demand and Supply in the IT Sector' report.

Jeff Brooks, chair of the IT & Comms Group said: "Business confidence in the sector is generally stable. In most, if not all organisations, IT provides the sinews to make an organisation, operational, stable and productive. Much like the continual need for workers in the healthcare sector, despite the economic outlook, demand for IT contractors is still high. Specialist IT roles are still vital to the company".

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