Friday 22 August 2008

Help to Decline in the Level of Sickness at Work

New report by the Department of Work and Pensions claim that bosses could be assisted by the department by being given grants to help sick employees return to work. This would in turn cut the level of sickness absence as well as the amount of people that are relying on incapacity benefits.

The Department of Work and Pensions reveals that around 90% of people that have health problems would be able to return to work earlier if there was some intervention in illnesses, along with the work place becoming much more accommodating, allowing more support for retuning to work and the temporary provision of modified work.

The official review looks closely into vocational rehabilitation, simple measures, as well as more structured support for employees who need extra help, this could reduce the amount of long term sickness absence. It could also reduce the number of employees on incapacity benefits by up to 60%.

James Purnell, the Secretary for the Work and Pensions Department, commented on the review stating that their radical proposals to change the welfare system are created to make sure that people can stay at or return to work if they re able to. The evidence from the review shows how getting back to work can be an important step to the recovery of employees.

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